The White House

The White House is a white weatherboard single level house with bearer and joint foundation. It was built in the mid 1950s with a stone chimney and was modified in 1988 by adding a second storey.

In 1951 Eric James (Jim) and Gwen Cornwell bought 25 acres from the Hemers, who also owned the land to the corner.

In 1956 the Cornwell's lived in the garage/shed while the house was being built and moved into it in early 1958.

In 1960 they sold the house and land to Jim Boardman, an estate agent, from whom the Cornwell's bought a property at Coonabarabran. Eric James Cornwell died in 1963 and was buried at Coonabarabran. Boardman immediately sold it to the Jacksons in 1963. The stone chimney was built by Mr Matheson, a Scottish stonemason who lived nearby. The drainage work for the building was done by Dr Lynn McMahon, who later became a Neurosurgeon at the SAN. (noted in Vale of the 2010 Universities Alumni magazine, that he graduated from University of Sydney 1957) This information was provided to the Archivist by the daughter of Eric Cornwell, Ms Jane Campbell in November 2009.

The property of Mr Bruce and Mrs Sheila Jackson was known as Chelsea Park, 43 Kenthurst Road, Kenthurst - Lots 8 and Pt Lot 10, D.P.3020 - area: 8.796 ha. and was sold to The Hills Grammar School on 16 June 1982.

In 1983 the house occupied all teaching and administration staff including the Principal's Office.

After the second storey was added, additional office space was available for the School Uniform Shop, School Finance/Accounts, administrative records and the School Council's Board Room. The White House has been altered and occupied many times. Today the School Archive and Museum fills the ground floor with Finance occupying upstairs.

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