The Library - NEXUS

The official opening of the Library (the tenth school building) was on 22 October 1993 by Dr Alison Cook AO, State Librarian, State Library of New South Wales. Planning for a Library building commenced in 1991 with Principal Mr Ron Ayling strongly supporting the project. Architect Rick Butler and contractors Paynter & Dixon were commissioned with the DA approved in June 1992, handed over in June 1993. On Saturday 26 June the collection was moved into the new library. In 1997 the Internet was made available for students from 20 computers in the Library.

NEXUS was implemented in 2007 to replace the traditional library concept. It incorporates a broader concept for teaching and learning using a wider range of technologies. A 2007 proposal supported Nexus to continually develop and manage the information resources necessary to support teaching and learning throughout the school.  In 2017 major changes were made to NEXUS; in Level 4 a Staff Professional Lounge and common room called the Learning Lounge were added; in Level 1 a collaborative learning space was developed, and the Junior School Library moved from NEXUS to the Junior School JS2 and called "the Centre for Innovation and Creativity".

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