Brown House

In 1989 the school acquired Lot 1 DP233406 comprising some 2 acres from Mr and Mrs Fredericks. This acquisition provided the School with the "Brown House" and also provided the opportunity to create a second entrance to the school as well as a new car park. The Brown House was used as the resident of the then Principal Mr Ron Ayling until 1994. In 1994 the Principal Mr Ron Ayling moved out of the Brown House and alterations were completed for the beginning of 1995 providing offices for the Principal, Deputy Principal and certain administration staff. In 1999 renovations were made to the Principal’s office (Brown House) including skylight, flooring, stairs and balcony and a repaint inside. In 2001 the Brown House was the Schools’ Administration building and from 2008, after Administration relocated to the Mallik Building, Community Relations, Publications and Enrolments took up residence.

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