Daniel Shi Sydney Writers' Festival

Congratulations to Daniel Shi (Year 11) on his performance of his Real Talk slam poem last Saturday at the Sydney Writers’ Festival in Parramatta. Below is Daniel's powerful work. 
Me and you
Him and her
Us and them
We call ourselves the human race 
or should I say the human disgrace
We call ourselves humane 
but nowadays that seems kinda mundane
Now trust me I would love to say 
that everyone here loves everyone there 
But you'd say, hey, that's actually kinda gay
And if you think that every Asian is here to buy off our land
That every Muslim is here under Isis command 
And if you believe they deserve to be oppressed
All because of their race sex or religion
Then you are suffering
You are suffering from this serious case of xenophobia 
Because these days a fear of the unknown is a cornucopia
This disease that spreads like wildfire 
This indestructible plague that never seems to tire
Crossing the street is like crossing a wire
This is why such hate is so dire
You think every Asian is some dangerous immigrant 
Chances are they'll never be a social dissident 
You think every Muslim is a terrifying terrorist 
Chances are they're just your peaceful pacifist
This, hate, hurts
It hurts society
This damaged, broken, unstable society 
Completely devoid of propriety 
But in this society where hate is so rife 
There are those that believe that love is their life
In this land full of death and decay
Where every man every woman every child is prey
There is still love
Destroying hate
Hate, what is hate?
Hate is what is felt by those that lack the courage to love so let me tell each and every one of you today
This lack of love
Lack of empathy
Lack of humanity 
That's why we all suffer
Believe in your own ability to love 
And soon others around you will start to love
Now let me tell you
When I was eight years old I began to realise
That everything I believed in was shaped by what everyone else believed in
See now that was the first mistake I made
I let society tell me what to feel towards someone
I let society tell me how to act towards someone
I let society tell me what I should say to someone 
Now listen Choose your own path
Your life is your own don't let someone else spit on it
It is said that leadership is not a position rather it is action
Now listen, you hold the pen, the camera, the brush to your life
You are the author, the director, the artist of your life
Not anyone else
But You
That is the one thing we know 
Just as winter will come 
And autumn will go
That is the one thing we know
Don't spend your time hating 
Spend your time loving
Don't spend your time regretting
Spend your time satisfied knowing you've lived to your full potential
Embrace your existence
Don't waste it
Use every opportunity you get
To make yourself the better you
The you that you could never be
The you of tomorrow
See it's no more carpe diem
Seize the day
Now it's carpe vitam 
Seize the life

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