Academic and Music Scholarships covering full or part remission of resident tuition fees may be awarded to students entering Year 7, Year 9 and Year 11. All Rounder Scholarships may be offered to students entering Years 7 and 11.

The awarding of all Scholarships is at the discretion of the Principal. Scholars are expected to work hard at their studies as well as be involved in the wider life of the School. Scholarships are tenable from the time of awarding until the end of Year 12, however, all scholarships are subject to an annual review. Part scholarships may be increased on the basis of sustained, outstanding achievement by the student.

Scholarship Applications open in November and close in the first week of the following February, the year before entry into the chosen year group. Exact dates of the application deadline and the Scholarship Examination are published in September each year. Applications for 2018 are currently closed.

Any enquiries can be directed to the Enrolment Office.


P: 02 9654 5248

Academic Scholarships are awarded primarily on the basis of Scholarship Test results and an interview. Applicants who progress to an interview may wish to bring a portfolio of achievement from other sources such as School Reports, Certificates awarded in State and National Competitions or up-to-date documents from outside agencies. Only applicants who receive an invitation to an interview following the scholarship examination and who are not currently enrolled at the School need submit an Application for Enrolment prior to the interview date.

Academic Scholars are seen as role models within the School in terms of their intellectual curiosity and strong work ethic. All students, including Academic Scholars, are expected to be actively engaged in the extensive co-curricular program.

In addition to sitting the Scholarship Tests, applicants for a Music Scholarship are required to attend an audition. Short-listed applicants for Scholarships will also be interviewed by the Principal at which a portfolio of the applicant’s achievements may be presented.

Music Scholarships at The Hills Grammar School are offered at 50% or 100% remission of resident tuition fees for students entering the School or varying levels up to 50% of School fees for current students.

The number of scholarships available in any given year is determined by the Principal of the School in consultation with the Music Department.  Scholarships generally cover School fees only and do not include fees associated with private music tuition.

Selection Criteria

As a guide, students should be studying at 5th Grade AMEB standard, or equivalent, on their chosen instrument.

Applicants who play the Bassoon, Oboe or French Horn may be considered at a lower practical standard.

Vocalists must have previous choral experience as well as a background on a chosen instrument.

Details of the audition and interview process are available on request from the Enrolments Office.

Scholarships for All Round Achievement, providing full or part remission of resident tuition fees, may be awarded to students entering Year 7 and Year 11. Current students of The Hills Grammar School and students entering the School are eligible to apply. In assessing each application, weight is given to the range of the applicant’s achievements, with particular reference to:

Academic Criteria

Demonstrated strong academic performance across the curriculum. In addition to good school reports, applicants will be assessed on their results in the Scholarship Examination and an interview. Applicants new to the School are required to submit an Application for Enrolment to progress to the interview stage.

Co-curricular Criteria

Demonstrated outstanding involvement and continuous, positive participation in a range of co-curricular activities, including but not limited to those offered at The Hills Grammar School. Written reports may be sought from staff supervising these activities, attesting to the applicant’s level of participation and contribution as well as the applicant’s character and leadership qualities.

Special Achievements

Evidence of participation in Gifted and Talented Programs, school vacation programs run by universities and outstanding individual accomplishments not included above.

All applicants for the All Rounder Scholarships are required to sit for the Scholarship Tests.