Staff Awards

At the 2017 Presentation of Awards we recognised 5 staff members on serving our community for 10 Years’ service, 3 for reaching the 30 year milestone and 1 whose association with the School dates back to the opening of our doors 35 years ago. 

10 Years’ Service Certificates were awarded to:

• Mrs Chamanie Amaratunga (Science)

• Mr Mitchell Clendinning (English)

• Dr Christine Furner (Staff Development)

• Mr David O’Donohue (English)

• Mrs Cristina Tanase (Languages)

30 Years’ Service certificates were presented to:

• Mrs Cathy Menzies (Music)

• Mrs Robyn Evans (Nexus)

• Dr Neil Peters (Languages)

And for 35 Years’ Service we thanked and acknowledged:

• Mrs Elizabeth Pellinkhof (Foundation staff member and in more recent years Director of Marketing & Community Relations)

Since 1997, the Mallik Family Staff Award has been awarded to a permanent member of staff in recognition of outstanding service and dedication to the School. Mr Denes will also present this Award.

In 2017 the School selected a member of staff who exemplifies and displays, in abundance the qualities of an outstanding staff member - including:

- an abiding alignment, understanding, support and prosecution of the School’s Vision, Mission, Graduate Aim and Values

- a deep and passionate appreciation and pursuit of best practice in teaching: creative, inspiring, innovative, risk taking, personalised, student centred and with real application in the lives of his students

- a recognition of our professional responsibilities as teachers; as learner, questioner, challenger, instructor, facilitator, role model, motivator, guide and expert and who someone who engages in professional reflection and has the capacity to grow

- a commitment to the many roles we play – teacher, carer, counsellor, administrator, leader, manager, problem solver, supporter and colleague,

- and importantly, another Hills Grammar Original who shares personal qualities of character, life experiences, passions and interests with his students

The recipient of the 2017 Mallik Family Staff Award for outstanding service to the School is:     

- positive, joyful and enthusiastic

- a compassionate human being

- a creative thinker

- a respected colleague

- a health and wellbeing advocate, and

- an all-round nice guy

We congratulate our Mallik Award recipient Mr James Muir!

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