The S.E.A.T. Project

The S.E.A.T Project is a values based program empowering students to explore their potential to enhance the world in which they live.

Our involvement in the S.E.A.T (Sustainability, Education, Art, Teamwork) Project sees us working with the Lions Club of Parramatta to assist the Gilbert Camp community in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Year 5 students come together weekly in the Centre for Innovation and Creativity to work in small groups, aiming to raise their global awareness and develop skills in Service Leadership.

The project commenced in Term 1, with each group receiving a flat-pack box and a wooden mallet. The students were immediately engaged in negotiating solutions, collaborating as a team and interpreting the instruction sheet that accompanied their S.E.A.T.

Following successful construction, the next stage of the project involved critical-thinking and creativity as students determined how best to utilise the S.E.A.Ts to assist the Gilbert Camp community. After a short research project, Year 5 sent a list of questions to representatives from the community to determine what the greatest needs were.

After brainstorming, it was decided that each S.E.A.T will become a unique work of art, with the guidance of our art director, Mrs Jenny Carden. 

Our students have been passionately engaged in this project, working hard for the benefit of students in Honiara who only have basic resources and supplies. 

Our Year 5 SEAT auction ended on 29 October and raised $1532.00 for our project to assist in the Solomon Islands.

Congratulations to our Year 5 students for their outstanding effort and the successful auction result! Combined with the proceeds from Year 5 Market Day earlier this year, they have raised over $5000.00 towards this project. The students are now in the final stages of deciding how we will be assisting the community we are working for and we will let you know the outcome in the coming weeks.

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