Japan Tour 2017 Homecoming

43 students and 4 teachers have been beaming at school this week as they recall the highlights of their Japan tour; white water rafting and Udon making in Shikoku, a cycling tour and geisha dinner in Kyoto and Disney Sea and shopping in Tokyo.

Sightseeing aside, students have gained an incredible insight into Japanese culture - trying new food, going to festivals, experiencing a Japanese hot spring and seeing how Japanese people live. They were able to apply the Japanese they learn at school to their daily routine in Japan.

One of the greatest highlights of the tour was the 5-day visit to our sister school 武田中学校 武田高等学校 and homestay. Students enjoyed excursions to the Mazda factory and Hiroshima Peace Park, where they heard a survivor talk, poignantly addressing the futility of war.

They joined in school clubs, art and English classes as well as spending evenings getting to know their host families.

Thank you to our Head of Languages, Belinda Gerometta, for organising this fantastic opportunity which allowed our travellers to build meaningful and memorable relationships with Japanese people and with their own peers.

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