IPSHA Public Speakers Challenge

If the thought of speaking off the cuff before a full audience in the St Andrew’s Cathedral Chapter House gives you the shivers, then think of the immense courage and tenacity displayed by the students who had to do just that on Thursday 11 November as finalists in the 2017 IPSHA Public Speakers Challenge.

Hills Grammar was invited to present three students to participate in this challenge. Year 6 students Samantha Chi, Schuyler Rangantha and Ruby Cook had to juggle around their busy after school commitments to make time to prepare for the event, which included developing a speech  based on ‘The best things in life are free’ and not least,  learning about public speaking skills and the nuances between Public Speaking and Debating. 

This was indeed our first attempt in Junior School public speaking.

36 prestigious member schools belonging to the IPSHA organisation participated in the challenge held at St Andrew’s Cathedral School. Out of 107 speakers, Ruby Cook was selected as one of 11 finalists. Ruby demonstrated her talent for speaking before a full audience as she braced herself to present a one minute impromptu on 'Our Greatest Fear'.  Ruby ingeniously was able to call upon and crystallise the learning she experienced through her PYP personal inquiry for the recent 2017 Year 6 Exhibition. She spoke with deep and sincere passion as she presented the notion that our greatest fear is being who we are and on that point, Ruby was chosen by a panel of three adjudicators as the overall winner of the  2017 IPSHA Public Speakers Challenge.

Congratulations goes to all three speakers for having the courage to participate and to Ruby for her outstanding performance. You can read Ruby's speeches here. 

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