da Vinci Decathlon

Selected students from Years 5-9 proudly represented Hills Grammar at the 2017 da Vinci Decathlon. The da Vinci Decathlon is best described as an inter-school academic gala day. This rigorous, fast-paced and challenging competition is held annually at Knox Grammar School and is designed to challenge and stimulate the minds of gifted and talented students.

Our students participated across ten disciplines; English, Science, Code Breaking, Engineering Challenge, Ideation, Creative Producers, Art and Poetry, Cartography and General Knowledge. The theme was “Power” and this was reflected in the plethora of challenges, questions and activities that the students participated in.

The Hills Grammar representatives were impeccable in their attitude and enthusiasm, with the school values of respect and excellence clearly on display throughout the day. The teams worked together cohesively to engage in each task within the tight deadlines.  The dedication shown by the representatives can be further seen through their committed weekly practice sessions in the weeks leading up to the competition.

We congratulate all representatives for their commitment to making this an excellent experience, and look forward to further nurturing the minds of students in next year’s Decathlon.

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