Congratulations Class of 2017

The Class of 2017 approached their final examinations diligently and with focus, prompting the Presiding Officer to comment on how much she enjoys working with Hills Grammar students each year, and particularly this year. She was delighted that as students completed their final examinations they approached the supervisors to thank them for looking after them throughout the sometimes stressful process. This, along with many other indicators, is testament to the quality of their character and bodes well for the next stage of their lives.

We are proud of the results from the Class of 2017, on their behalf. This year, Hills Grammar placed 100th in the Sydney Morning Herald rankings, an excellent achievement. This ranking is based on their achievement of 79 Band 6 results, a ‘success rate’ of 15.77%.  Even though this is only one measure of success, it is worth noting that the State median for 90+ as a percentage is 5.47%, which accounts for the School’s success on this measure when compared to more than 800 schools across the State.

HSC highlights include:

  • HSC All Rounder - we congratulate Tristan Dearden (Dux of the School). Tristan attained more than 90% in 11 units of his academic program, including Ancient History, English Advanced, Mathematics 2 Unit, History Extension, Physics and Latin Continuers. A sizeable number of Tristan’s peers will also have attained ATARs above 90, but this data is not available to schools at the point of writing; a summary will be made available in our February newsletter.

  • 79 Band 6 results. These high results were achieved by more than a third of the year group, many of whom achieved a Band 6 result in more than one area of study. Each of these students is listed below as one of the NESA Distinguished achievers.

  • 207 Band 5 results. Although not reported in the ‘Top 100’ measure, Band 5 results represent above average performance in most subjects and help to lift the ATARs of our hard-working cohort. Well done!

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