2017 HSC Achievements

We are proud of the results from the Class of 2017. Once again Hills Grammar was placed in the top 100 Sydney Morning Herald rankings which was based on their achievement of 79 Band 6 results.  Even though this is only one measure of success, it is worth noting that the State median for 90+ as a percentage is 5.47%, which accounts for the School’s success on this measure when compared to more than 800 schools across the State.

HSC highlights include 79 Band 6 results and 207 Band 5 results. 35% of the year group were listed as Distinguished Achievers, many of whom achieved a Band 6 result in more than one area of study. 

A special congratulations to our top achievers:

  • Tristan Dearden (Dux of the School and listed All-Rounder) attained more than 90% in 11 units of his academic program, including Ancient History, English Advanced, Mathematics 2 Unit, History Extension, Physics and Latin Continuers. ATAR 98.75. (pictured above, right).
  • Bhawna Khosla- – Distinguished Achiever (Band 6s) in English Advanced, Maths Ext 1, Chemistry and Biology. ATAR 98.90.
  • Xavier Carmo– Distinguished Achiever (Band 6s) in Mathematics Extension 1, Biology and Physics. ATAR 98.65.

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