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Thank you for taking time to discover Hills Grammar! People do this in many different ways and often over many years, relying on word of mouth, surfing the web, speaking to current or past families, attending a Principal’s Tour or Open Day and by reading publications. I invite you to do all of these things. It is right and proper that parents and carers explore and seek a school that will understand their hopes and aspirations for their children and strive in partnership to achieve an ‘extraordinary education’.

Hills Grammar recognises that each child and young person who attends the School is different. It is our privilege, our responsibility and our commitment to identify, nurture and expand each individual’s passions, skills and capacity to enter the world that they will lead. Through a rigorous and challenging academic program, diverse co-curricular opportunities and a focus on knowing and developing the wellbeing of each child, our students embark on a journey which sees them reach a destination captured in the words of our Graduate Aim. 

The choice of a school is the most important decision that you will ever make on behalf of your children. Your task is to assess whether what you read, hear and see are aligned. I hope they are and that you will speak with us further about joining our school community. We encourage you to engage with us as often as required for you to make an informed decision. By doing so you will build an accurate picture of what a Hills Grammar education is, and I trust will be inspired by its possibilities.

Michael Smith
BA, DipEd, MA(Lit), MEd(Ldrship), MACEL, MACE

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