Over the holiday period, Room 1 enjoyed participating in a lot of discussion and planning about their days. The children delighted in visiting the School Campus each day, with trips to the Hills Grammar Library (Nexus) where they read stories of their choice and loved colouring in. The children also played on different pieces of play equipment, and as they walked around the Campus they identified animals and plants and discussed the weather. As a result of this learning and strong interest, this term Room 1 have decided to explore the Earth and beyond as part of their Unit of Inquiry.

The children from Room 1 have also enjoyed moving to different rooms around the ECEC and engaging with different resources. They have loved having the opportunity to play with friends from different rooms in more sustained play periods and have a lot of fun learning via dramatic play in the home corner, creating intricate constructions in the block area, engaging in ball games on the oval and having time to use the interactive white board.