During the school holidays, a few children from Room 3 visited the Sydney Observatory and when they came to ECEC, they enjoyed sharing their experiences with their peers. This provoked an interest and curiosity about space and planets amongst the children in Room 3. Because of this, we decided to explore the Solar System as part of our Unit of Inquiry. While learning about our Solar System, the children have able learn the characteristics of the different planets, as well paint their own planets for our solar system display.

This Unit of Inquiry has also enabled the children to think, question and discuss issues relevant to space. They have also been able to engage in craft experiences such as making galaxy playdough and making telescopes to look into space. We have also used the interactive white board to research space and astronauts. We looked at videos of astronauts floating in space and listened to songs about planets. One of the favourite play spaces in Room 3 is the space station that we have set up. Children enjoy engaging role play and acting out being astronauts visiting their favourite planets. The children are looking forward to some more fun experiences such as making moon rock, walking on the moon and making a rocket ship.