During the holidays, Room 2 were able to spend time exploring, learning and playing at Hills Grammar. The children were interested in observing the building and site work that had taken place at School. They were very curious to know what the builders were doing and were asking questions to learn more about their role. This interest has led Room 2 to explore ‘Community Workers’ as part of their Term 3 unit of Inquiry.

The children have begun learning about their favourite community workers, have enjoyed acting out and role playing the roles of the different community workers and have enjoyed sharing their knowledge and experiences of these community workers. In particular, the children are interested in learning more about police officers, firefighters, builders, teachers, chefs and farmers. Room 2 have already connected with people from Hills Grammar including teachers and the maintenance workers to further support their understanding.

Our first topic of interest has been about teachers and what they do, and the children were involved in experiences of visiting teachers who teach both primary and senior age students at our School.  They were able to inquire and observe the teacher and students in the classroom and gain more of an understanding about what teachers do. Room 2 are very excited about their Unit of Inquiry and are curious to discover more about the roles of people within our community.