Students in Year 2 have commenced the semester with great excitement and wonder as they embark on an integrated STEM Inquiry related to the transdisciplinary theme ‘How The World Works’. 

Throughout this inquiry, students will be developing their skills in computational and algorithmic thinking as they learn how to use a coding program called SCRATCH alongside our new makey-makey devices.

SCRATCH has been selected as a tool to encourage students to think creatively, work collaboratively in a small group and develop thinking dispositions that develop logic and reasoning. It works seamlessly with our new makey-makey devices, which also encourage students to be inventive and experiment with coding language.

The Year 2 teaching team have spent a number of afternoons with Stephen Liseo, Head of ICT Integration k-12, to learn how best to teach our students the required technical skills. The end-result of this STEM project will be a student showcase of their learning later in Term 3 for parents and the School community to enjoy. Students will be designing an interactive model and display that demonstrates their understanding of the Central Idea ‘The Earth’s natural cycles influence the activity of living things’. More information about the Showcase will be included in upcoming newsletters.

Congratulations to Year 2 on their enthusiastic approach so far in this STEM inquiry!

Deborah Wightley | Centre for Innovation and Creativity Co-ordinator