The Term commenced with parent / teacher interviews (ECEC to Year 9) and it is during these meetings that parents and carers are able to take a few moments to discuss their son or daughter's progress. I trust those who attended an interview found them worthwhile and helpful. The parent / teacher interview, along with written reports provide an insight into performance, areas of strength and areas for development. However, I would encourage all parents and carers to think more broadly and to gain this insight throughout the year, not simply at key points. How can this be done?

  • Talk with your child – they love to share what they have learned.
  • Initiate a discussion about learning by asking what they learned at school today. 'What was the most interesting thing they learned at school today?' 'Tell me about something that you conquered today or something you found difficult and how did you overcome it?' – this style of question, more than ‘what happened at school today or what did you do today’? will generate a sustained conversation, by which you can consolidate and expand on the learning of the day and learn something yourself from your child.
  • Contact your child’s teacher by email or on the phone and ask how you can support the learning of the classroom when at home, or in the car travelling to and from school.
  • Engage your children in a conversation about learning – allow them to be the expert, ask probing questions, make mistakes and allow yourself to be wrong and corrected.
  • Attend one of the increasing number of student led activities at which you can listen to your children, and those of others, speak with increasing confidence and expertise on the things they have learned.
  • Attend activities conducted by older students so that you can see the journey ahead for your own child, about which you should speak with great enthusiasm and interest.

To these ends may I commend to you a new initiative Showcasing Extraordinary Education to which you are all invited  and are all welcome. The following captures some of the Term 3 opportunities to see learning in action, hear learning explained and to assess firsthand the learning that has taken place. Your children love your attendance on such occasions and while I know it is sometimes difficult to get to these – if these opportunities are of interest, please note and be on the lookout for more details which will be issued by the organising staff member closer to each event and placed on the school calendar. 

Note for the Diary 

2017 HSC Showcase Events

Each year students taking HSC courses in Drama, English Extension 2, Industrial Technology, Design and Technology, Music and Visual Arts complete a major submitted work as part of their HSC assessment program.

These works allow students, teachers and schools flexibility in addressing social issues and exploring a range of traditions and styles.

For many students their performance and works present a significant opportunity to explore an issue of personal interest and to express ideas and opinions.

The best major works from across the State are chosen each year for showing in the Board of Studies’ exhibition showcases ARTEXPRESS (Visual Arts), ENCORE (Music), SHAPE (Industrial Technology, Design and Technology), OnSTAGE (Drama), and Young Writers Showcase (English Extension 2).

These evenings are a magnificent display of personal endeavour, achievement, talent and learning partnerships and should be seen by everyone, not just by the parents of the students involved. These are an excellent opportunity to support our Year 12 students and gain that important insight into the journey that is ahead for younger students. Please consider coming along!

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to attend any of the School’s Showcase events that capture your interest or imagination, or importantly that of your child.

Our students take great pride in displaying their major works, and will appreciate showing them to you.

Please click here for more details.