Welcome to Term 3 – where did the first half of the year go?

Term 2 is traditionally a difficult term - short, increasingly cold, illness and sickness on the rise and jam packed with activities, assessments, examinations, marking and reports. As such I trust everyone had a good break, but have now returned full of the renewed focus, energy and strength to face the challenges and opportunities of Term 3, and do so with extraordinary commitment and passion for what we do each and every day in the interest of our students.

As the new term commences let’s commit to never losing sight of the spirit of curiosity that surrounds us; radiating from our students. Let’s ensure that their boundless love of learning and willingness to engage motivates us all to maintain momentum, energy and commitment during the school terms. Our daily interactions with each other remind us why we became teachers, why our support staff choose to work in schools and why our parents selected Hills Grammar to partner with them in the education of their children, who so often exhibit unabated love of learning and are full of the joys of childhood.

Let’s ensure that we commence Term 3 with a mindset to take from each day that which it has to offer, arrive ready and willing to do those things that we all have to do, and do them well, but also to never lose sight of the joy (the fun) of teaching and learning and of the need to create the extraordinary environment and exciting experiences we desire for those who attend our school. Our role as adults is to model a love and interest in learning - it is infectious and our children and young people will benefit in so many ways because of our example.

Have a wonderful term!

We welcome the following new staff:

  • Mr Graham Smith (Mathematics) is a Hills district local but has most recently been teaching in Norway. He returned to Australia recently and we look forward to him bringing his international experience and love of Mathematics to the department.
  • Ms Amelita Willson (Mathematics) will be known to some staff as she completed her final practicum at Hills Grammar and proved to be a highly effective teacher of Mathematics. We are pleased to have secured her services as a part time staff member in the department.
  • Ms Emma Savage (Junior School) commences with Kindergarten Yellow this term replacing Mrs Kellee Edwards who commences maternity leave in the next few weeks. Emma will work alongside Kellee until the maternity leave commences and is thrilled to have returned to Hills Grammar.
  • Mrs Lynn Brink (Science) brings to Hills Grammar a wealth of experience and enthusiasm for deep learning in Science and appreciates the need to challenge students to answer why things are the way they are, not simply to accept what they are told.  We look forward to having her as member of the dedicated Science staff.
  • Mr Tim Gauci (Business Operations) is our new Director of Business Operations. Tim replaces Mr Jason Lim, but the role he will be doing is broader, with oversight of Finances, ICT, Risk Management, Facilities and Property and Business Enterprise. Please note that Tim’s office is located in the School Office at the Mallik Centre, not the White House, enabling him to work more easily across the expanded portfolio of responsibilities.
  • Mr Daniel Everitt (Grounds) is our new Head Groundsman, replacing Mr Scott Barker. Daniel is a passionate horticulturist who sees great potential in our natural bushland setting and will be crucial in establishing it as an integral part of our wonderful learning environment.