Each year our students elect to sit for the University of NSW ICAS competitions, primarily in Digital Technologies, Science, English and Mathematics.

The competitions are not compulsory but open to all, and our students perform well in these competitions each year.

It is important to note that many schools sit only their top candidates for the competitions making the standards across the tests very high.

We have received the results for this year’s Digital Technologies and Science papers and our students have once again performed exceptionally.

Of the 110 students who sat the Science paper, 54% achieved an Award of Merit or higher. In Digital Technologies 111 students sat the paper and almost 60% of students achieved an Award of Merit or higher. These results are tremendous and our students should be very proud of their achievements.

It is pleasing to note also that our students have achieved above the Australian averages in most grades - this is a very high achievement when seen in light of the comprehensive nature of our approach to these competitions.

The award of High Distinction represents the top 2% of candidature and the award of Distinction represents the top 10%.

Special congratulations go to the following students who have achieved a Distinction or High Distinction in ICAS:

Digital Technologies

High Distinction: Georga Micallef, Daniel Zhang, Lachlan Ashenden

Distinction: Aiden Mendes-Shineberg, Marcus Wang, Demin Cai, Elina Degani, Azaya Janny-Reynolds, Miles Moss, Suubi Nakibuuka, Joshua-Patrick Murphy, Pranit Singh, Stelios Agamalis, Samantha Chi, Murphy De Castro, Brandon Jacobs, Schuyler Ranganatha


High Distinction: Schuyler Ranganatha

Distinction: Oliver Boyd, Zoe Faletas, Elizabeth Rizk, Daniel Zhang, Lachlan Ashenden, Demin Cai, Benjamin Franks-Bugeja, Ava Fyfe, Tanya Sidhu, Jack Theakston, Deniz Dogan, Justin Muscat, Kevin Twigge, Aydin Dogan

Certificates of Merit, Credit, Distinction and High Distinction for the ICAS competitions in Digital Technologies and Science will be presented at Monday’s assembly.

Congratulations Junior School!

Samantha Cordwell | Head of Curriculum K-6