In 2016  School Council endorsed a new Strategic Planning Framework. Hills Grammar is a vibrant and innovative school which blends the best of the new and the old. To ensure that Hills Grammar achieves its vision a Strategic Framework was developed in consultation with staff and parents and to guide our work and focus our attention and efforts in the coming years.

The process began with the Council, Principal and his Executive working closely to review the School’s existing Ethos. This process involved a careful analysis of the strengths and weakness of the School as well as the opportunities and challenges which the future holds. Four strategic focus areas for the School’s future development were identified-

  • Inspired Learning
  • Outstanding Teaching
  • Unique Learning Environment
  • Organisational Sustainability

Around each focus area, strategic priorities are devised annually and presented to School Council in July of the preceding year for validation, discussion, resourcing and planning to take place in the second half of the year and in consort with the budgeting process. In 2016 the following priorities were prosecuted.

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