Our staff delight in the opportunity to work in such a professional, academic and friendly community. We recognise that it is vital for staff to cultivate positive relationships with the children and young people in our care; as well as with their families, so that our students can thrive.

Our School owes much of its success to the learning opportunities provided by our teachers who develop innovative and effective learning pedagogies in the classroom. We attract and retain exceptional staff who consider it an honour and a privilege to work with the children and young people of the school. Every teacher from ECEC to Year 12 is engaged in regular and rigorous professional learning to ensure that hey are the best they can be, in the interest of enabling our students to be the best they can be, and in turn, considerably enhance student learning outcomes.

Teachers at Hills Grammar have the opportunity to:

  • Work with highly qualified, experienced and skilled colleagues in one of Sydney’s leading contemporary Independent Co-educational Schools.
  • Focus on the art of teaching, while they facilitate student learning in small classes.
  • Enjoy the challenges of innovative curriculum development and work in well-resourced learning environments.
  • Engage in teacher accreditation programs related to NESA and ISTAA requirements that are authentic and enriching learning and development opportunities, through a well-managed and clearly articulated process.

Support Staff contribute to the School’s educational program across Pre K-12 through providing operational, professional and para-professional expertise in positions covering a wide range of services. They have the opportunity to engage in professional learning and study opportunities that enriches their capacity to support those who are at the front line of student learning delivery. 




Full Time

Teaching Staff


Total teaching staff in a given year employed on a full time basis

Part Time

Teaching Staff


Total teaching staff in a given year employed on a part time basis


Teaching Staff


Total teaching staff (full and part time) employed in a given year This number does not include 7 members of staff on leave

Teacher Qualified


Teachers who have teaching qualifications from a higher education institution within Australia or as recognized within the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (AEI-NOOSR) guidelines

Subject Qualified


Teachers who have qualifications as a graduate from a higher education institution within Australia or one recognized within the AEI- NOOSR guidelines but lack formal teacher education qualifications

Not Qualified


Teachers who do not have qualifications as described above but have relevant successful teaching experience or appropriate knowledge relevant to the teaching context



% of total male teaching   staff



% of total female teaching  



The average rate of teaching staff attendance



The proportion of teaching staff retained by the school from one year to the next

Professional Activity

Internal 100%

External 100.00%

Professional Learning is defined as activities to develop the skills and understanding of personnel currently teaching in/or leading schools in order to improve school performance/student outcomes and for which direct cost is incurred. Professional Learning opportunities are both internally and externally available to members of staff (teaching and non-teaching)

Teaching Staff / Student Ratio

Junior School

1 to 11.09


Senior School

1 to 8.71

The number of teaching staff to students K to 12





Full Time

Support Staff


Total support staff in a given year employed full time

Part Time

Support Staff


Total support staff in a given year employed part time

Support Staff / Student Ratio

1 to 18.53

The number of support staff to students Pre K to 12



% of total support   staff



% of total support staff