Hills Grammar’s Student Wellbeing policies and practices support our mission to foster each student’s potential for greatness. Parents, carers and teachers work in partnership to ensure our students feel safe, valued, engaged and purposeful.

Our Student Wellbeing Framework was redesigned in 2016  to:

  • develop the unique interests and strengths of each student
  • provide students with opportunities to develop positive values, attitudes and behaviours 
  • deliver explicit teaching of wellbeing skills within an evidence-based program
  • provide access to structures designed to identify and support all students, in particular those students dealing with learning, social, emotional or wellbeing needs
  • establish partnerships with parents and wellbeing specialists to ensure appropriate assessment and intervention is available to those who need it most

Our Student Wellbeing programs are underpinned by the evidence-based principles of Positive Education. Working closely with Dr Paula Robinson and Dr Justin Coulson, two of Australia’s leaders in “Pos Ed”, in 2016 we developed a school-wide Positive Education Program centred on the domains of Purpose and Meaning, Relationships, Independence, Strengths and Mindset (PRISM).

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