The Class of 2016 achieved an outstanding set of results in the Higher School Certificate and we congratulate all students for their achievement across a wide range of courses. We are proud of the student’s efforts and for their commitment to achieve their best.

Our broad curriculum allows students to choose courses which are in line with their interests and talents, and this is reflected in the fact that HSC examination means exceeded State means in 24 of the courses, with students achieving Band 6 results (HSC marks of 90 or more) in 25 courses. 86 Band 6 results were achieved, representing 19.2% of all courses completed. The improvement in Band 6 results relative to attempts meant that the School achieved one of its highest ‘Top 100’ rankings of 71. Further, from all courses results, 58% of results achieved were in Bands 5 and 6 (compared to 40% in State when the same courses are compared). Perhaps even more importantly, our median ATAR rose to 81.3, an excellent result! Two reports are attached: The Principal’s HSC Highlights, emailed to parents on 19 December, and the more detailed 2016 HSC Summary which includes some key ATAR statistics and comparisons to State results.