The School Ethos was reworked collaboratively and endorsed by the School’s Council and Executive in 2016. As such, it will continue to guide and inform our practices and decisions for the foreseeable future. The Vision, Mission, Graduate Aim and Values are aspirational in nature but must anchor our culture, practices and strategic direction. A strong commitment from all members of the school community (past, present and future) to these guiding principles will ensure they are realised and exceeded. 


Extraordinary Education: a place of inspiration and innovation


Outstanding teaching within a unique learning environment: fostering each student’s potential for greatness

Graduate Aim

In partnership with our families, we enable our students to:

  • Become confident, resilient and responsible individuals
  • Develop a deep understanding  across a range of academic disciplines and strive for personal excellence as learners
  • Think critically and creatively and embrace life-long learning
  • Embody the humanitarian values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence
  • Understand the importance of an international perspective and contribute positively in our local and the global community
  • Develop an appreciation of  a diverse and inclusive Australian democratic society
  • Display a strong sense of environmental responsibility