The Annual Report is a public document, produced each year to provide the school and wider community with information about Hills Grammar during the preceding year of operation. This Report has been prepared in regard to the 2016 school year.

The School reports to, and engages frequently with its community, through Newsletters and other publications, but the Annual Report brings together in one place, for the audiences interest and information, the key achievements and indicators. 2016 was an exceptional year at Hills Grammar in many and varied ways and our students succeeded in their personal endeavours.

All too often schools are measured by a narrow set of statistics and whilst Hills Grammar has all the data to indicate it is a successful school, it is so much more. In reading the content of this report please keep in mind that behind every section are stories of student achievement, stories of our commitment to our students and, further each section is a celebration of the unique learning environment that has been created at Hills Grammar in the interests of providing extraordinary education to all who attend.

We are an educational organization first and foremost, the success of which pivots on the quality of the relationships between all members of our school community. The quality of our relationships is outstanding and as such we are able to focus on the thing that is most important to us as a school, as parents and as individuals – the education of our students.

I publicly acknowledge all students, staff, parents, school council, school partners and thank all who have contributed to the School and its outcomes in 2016. I commend the 2016 Annual Report to you.

Michael Smith | Acting Principal