We are seeking hosts for nineteen students from our visiting school from Kanagawa Japan, Jishukan.

The students will be arriving on Thursday 27 July and departing on Tuesday 8 August 2017. They are all 14-15 years old.

The students would come to School with their host brother/sister. They will participate in English lessons provided by Hills International, observe normal classes as well as participating in some outings and in-school activities. They will then spend evenings and two full weekends with your family. As a token of appreciation to help cover food costs, an allowance of $400.00 will be paid for the visit.

This opportunity is open to all families from Kindergarten to Year 12. Your child does not need to be studying Japanese to host. This is a wonderful chance for all students and their families to learn about Japanese culture and build lasting relationships.

If you are interested, kindly click on this link for details.

Belinda Gerometta | Head of Languages/Japanese Teacher