Music Showcase 

On Thursday June 22, PAFA’s Co-Curricular Committee proudly sponsored the pre-show coffee, cakes, canapes and mocktails prior to the start of the Mid Year Music Showcase for Junior and Senior schools. Thank you to the parents and friends who contributed delicious treats and to our Hospitality students who provided espresso coffee from the coffee cart.

Annual General Meeting

PAFA’s Annual General Meeting on Monday 19 June saw changes to the executive and the committee. President Dana Coleman and Vice President Louise Manning sadly stepped down from their positions due to personal circumstances as did committee members Kathryn McEvoy and Tiffany Tanti, who chaired the Minor Fundraising Sub Committee. Fortunately, Dana will continue as a committee member of PAFA. Her address to the AGM as President can be found here.

Incoming President, Russell Burns, thanked Dana for her outstanding contribution to PAFA as President for the past 15 months as she guided the association through a period of significant change. Russell noted he had served on PAFA for some time and that Dana’s contribution to the committee went beyond its remit. Russell also stated that as incoming President, he felt that PAFA’s most important role was to support the school community.

Principal Michael Smith noted that the school appreciated the efforts of the committee members who were standing aside and acknowledged the efforts and commitment of Dana Coleman as President and Tiffany Tanti and Kathryn McEvoy as committee members.

Chair of School Council, Charles Denes, also thanked the outgoing committee for its efforts and, in particular, for the $65,000 that had been donated to the school over the past 12 months.

The PAFA committee for 2017/2018 is as follows: President Russell Burns, Vice President Katie Melides, Treasurer Wade Ebrahimi, Secretary Finola Reay, Jodi Ansell, Janette Beedell, Dana Coleman, Andrea Curr, Lisl Dobson, Christine Ladewig, Renu McVay.

PAFA’s next committee meeting with be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 18 July. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Russell Burns | President

Finola Reay | Secretary