During Term 1, Year 7 completed a ‘Digital Communication’ unit. The students analysed a range of inspirational TED Talks and learnt about the power of the persuasive voice. They were asked to compose their own persuasive TED Talks about a topic that they felt passionately about, and to present it to their class.

The Year 7 English teachers were highly impressed with the mature, inspirational and relevant content of the talks and the sheer courage of our wonderful students to get up in front of an audience and speak their minds. Talk topics ranged from ‘Poverty in Australia’ to ‘Body Confidence’ and ‘Animal Cruelty’.

The Annual Ted Talk Convention

During Term 2, teachers decided on the top three talks from each class to present at the annual ‘Hills Grammar TED Talk Convention’ which was judged by Mr Mitchell Clendinning (Head of English/ Head of Creative and Spoken Arts) and Raj Labade (Creative and Spoken Arts Captain). The successful candidates’ speeches included highly engaging content, excellent presentation skills and the integration of effective rhetorical devices.

The afternoon was a huge success, with the speakers entertaining and educating an audience of parents and students. We extend our congratulations to Coen Wightley, Hiya Jugran and Alex Parsa who received first, second and third place in the convention.

Annalisa Dobson | English Teacher