This term in Room 5, we have been enjoying focusing on our unit of inquiry. After a recent trip to Chicago, Miss Katrina visited an Early Childhood Centre and was very keen to start a pen pal system with this centre. The children in Room 5 were very enthusiastic about this idea and wanted to share part of their life with the children in Chicago, whilst learning about their life and how different/similar it is to ours. Some children even suggesting taking and adding photographs of our Centre. The children have all actively contributed to our letter, spending time focusing on individual words, their letter formation, spaces between words and following the dictated letter. The children were all proud of their achievements.

Throughout this process we have spoken about the posting of the letter, would there be a cost, how long would it take and what we would need to send the letter. The children have also enjoyed getting creative and designing their own stamps. Our letter has been sent and we are marking off the days on the calendar in anticipation of its arrival in Chicago. Meanwhile the children have been busy writing letters to themselves, which we will send and then compare the time it takes to send a letter to a closer location. The children are all excited, and wait with anticipation to receive a letter back from our new friends in Chicago.