On  9 June, ECEC was fortunate to have a special visitor. Wendy Notley, a highly regarded Early Childhood Teacher who performs an interactive music show came to ECEC to teach us about Australian Aboriginal culture.
The children joined in singing many songs – one of their favourites was ‘Red, Black and Yellow’. The song is lots of fun and everyone quickly learned the movements to go with it.
Aunty Wendy also spent lots of time sharing details about Australian native animals with the children. After this, everyone had the chance to pretend to be different animals as they sang Melalecua – a song about an Australian Eucalyptus tree. The song featured animals such as, koala, dingo, kookaburra, lizard, wombat, echidna and the brolga bird and the children were able to act out these animals as they sang.
Aunty Wendy then set up a pretend campfire and introduced a story about Pinjarra, which is an area in Western Australia. The children pretended to go fishing and eat bush tucker. Aunty Wendy explained some Aboriginal terms: Aunties (Woman), Kiam (Grandmother) and Chi Chi (Children). The children were also able to see a traditional hunting tool called a Nula Nula.