Science Excursions

On 17 June Peter Lautre, Joshua Zhu and Jack Ransome (Year 12) represented Hills Grammar in a Titration challenge at Barker College. The Royal Australian Chemistry Institute have designed this competition to encourage and challenge those students who enjoy Chemistry to refine their practical skills.

There were seven schools competing in this challenge at the venue. The Hills Grammar students were able to carry out their acid-base titration and complete the task in the allocated time. The students enjoyed the competition and were grateful for the opportunity to represent our School confidently.

Guest Speaker

Dr Avery, Callum’s dad spoke to Year 12 Physics students on Wednesday, 21 June. He talked about the design, manufacturing and technology of integrated circuits. Students in Year 12 study the operation, structure and use of semiconductors in integrated circuits. We would like to thank Dr Avery for his presentation to Year 12, bringing in the real world applications of physics being studied in the class

Year 12 Physics

On Thursday, 15 June we had our Year 12 presentations of students’ research tasks. The purpose of which is for students to “analyse secondary information” to cover syllabus material in greater depth. Each student was able to choose a unique aspect to research (case study), related to their area of interest. They each gave a 5-minute presentation about their case study. To demonstrate their understanding students must be able to clearly communicate ideas and use appropriate technical language reflecting a level of familiarity and depth of understanding. It was a wonderful evening where students demonstrated their understanding and passion of their chosen area clearly. Students not only showed off their area of “expertise” but were able to benefit from their peers.

The Science Faculty