To conclude the term I want to once again encourage the whole community to be proud members of Hills Grammar, and in so being consider what it means to be a part of something so much bigger than each of us individually. Without a sense of membership we inevitably experience ourselves as separate – as members of subcommittees, as people who have little in common with each other – schools depend upon the opposite, and if we are going to achieve the dreams, aspirations and ambitions for the children who attend each day, each year, then it is a shared and core responsibility.

I was reminded of this last week when I visited Year 2 who had completed a Unit of Inquiry on ‘Belonging’ and constructed some amazing dioramas to indicate where they felt they belonged, where they felt safe, where they were important, where they had some control of their decisions and where they enjoyed their own company and that of others. Year 2 identified a wide range of places in which they felt comfortable and to which they belonged. It is of course my hope that Hills Grammar is one such environment – one to which the community feels they belong, to which they can contribute and in which their personal strengths and abilities are nurtured and cherished. 

We have this year, and into the future, an opportunity to celebrate our membership of our school. Full participation, active voices and productive partnerships are crucial. Membership means engagement, high expectations, shared commitment, energy and focused initiatives which will ensure our work is purposeful, our dreams realised and our words matched by our reality. Membership of our community is a crucial contributor to the extraordinary outcomes we seek for your children.

As Term 2 concludes I want to congratulate everyone for displaying their enthusiastic membership of the school community. It has been a wonderful term;

  • during which our students have grown, discovered and displayed their talents, involved themselves in a myriad of opportunities and added their storylines to our ever evolving narrative
  • in which our staff has enabled, encouraged and inspired, gently and explicitly showing the way and carving out the pathways for our students to travel
  • during which our parents have engaged, contributed, supported and ensured the story line continues to progress, and not stagnate.

I would make particular mention of the Parents and Friends Association and the exemplar it has established within the school, through the support of initiatives, engagement and contribution to the life of the school. At the Annual General Meeting held this week there were some changes to the Committee with President Dana Coleman, Vice President Louise Manning, Committee members Tiffany Tanti and Kathryn McEvoy stepping down. To all, my sincere appreciation on behalf of the School and the parent body. I would particularly like to acknowledge and thank Dana Coleman for her unswerving energy and commitment to implementing the new PAFA structure and for generating an increased level of involvement and engagement. Her contribution has been significant in repositioning PAFA to be active partners with the School and advocates for the parent body.

At the 2017 AGM the following Committee was elected:

President | Mr Russell Burns (Enterprise Committee)

Vice President | Ms Katie Melides (Minor Fundraising Committee)

Treasurer | Mr Wade Ebrahimi

Secretary | Mrs Finola Reay

Committee | Mrs Jodie Ansell & Mrs Renu McVay - Engagement Committee  | Mrs Lisl Dobson - Major Fundraising Committee  | Mrs Andrea Curr - Co-curricular Committee |  Mrs Christine Ladewig, Mrs Jeanette Beedell, Mrs Dana Coleman - Committee Members

School Uniform

It is now 18 months into the transition to our new school uniform and I would thank everyone for their co-operation as this process has occurred, relatively smoothly. I welcome any further comments or feedback which we can take into account if fine tuning is required –

Term 3

  • recommences with Parent Teacher Interviews for Years K to 9 on Monday 17 July and classes recommence for all Year groups in Tuesday 18 July.
  • Our Early Childhood Education Centre and the School Administration continue to operate throughout the three week June / July break.
  • Year 12 are reminded that NEXUS is available to them throughout the holiday period for independent and collaborative study between 9.00 – 4.00pm each day in Weeks 1 & 2 and, of course they will gather in the third week for their Study Conference, this year held at the school. 

Wishing everyone a restful and enjoyable change of routine and thank you for your ongoing membership (and all it entails) of our wonderful school.  

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