We were fortunate to have Dr K-Lynn Smith visit the Centre for Innovation and Creativity during Week 7, and present to Year 4 about the work of the Jane Goodall Institute, and in particular the ‘Roots and Shoots’ program that we will be involved with for the remainder of this year. 

The program focuses on empowering young people to take action, and find solutions to problems within their own communities.  It aims to inspire our students to make a difference to people, animals and the natural environment on a local level.  The institute also supports the conservation of chimpanzees and other great apes in Africa, through the provision of education, conservation sanctuaries and other much-needed resources.

Dr Smith discussed the work of Dr Jane Goodall and the many options available to our students to become involved in both local and global causes.  Year 4 are currently deciding where their passion and interest lies and will choose a research project with a view to take action in one of the following areas; Chimp Champions, Mobile-Muster, plastic waste and recycling; bio-diversity and preservation of our own bushland setting; palm oil and other environmental catastrophes. 

Students will be working hard on identifying the key issues and then working out a plan to take-action, which may involve raising awareness, providing assistance or proposing a solution to identified problems.  We will keep you updated about their progress during Term 3, and let you know how you can become involved to support their chosen causes.

Deborah Wightley | Centre of Innovation and Creativity Co-ordinator