Earlier this year, we wrote about the S.E.A.T project that our Year 5 students are involved in. It is a values based program, aiming to empower our students to explore their potential to enhance the world in which they live. Through our association with the S.E.A.T project, we are working with the Lions Club of Parramatta to assist the Gilbert Camp community in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Every Tuesday afternoon, the grade comes together in the Centre for Innovation and Creativity to work in small groups of 3-4, aiming to raise a sense of global awareness and develop their skills in Service Leadership.

Following successful construction of our S.E.A.Ts in Term 1, the next stage of the project involved critical-thinking and creativity as students determined how best to utilise the S.E.A.Ts to assist the Gilbert Camp community. After a short research project, Year 5 sent a long list of questions to representatives from the community to determine what the greatest needs were. They then started to brainstorm ways that our S.E.A.Ts could be best utilised to help deliver much needed resources. 

They have decided that each S.E.A.T will become a unique work of art, under the guidance of our artist director, Mrs Jenny Carden. The finished S.E.A.Ts will then be offered for sale at the upcoming Spring Fair, via a silent online auction.

Our students are passionately engaged in this project, working hard for the benefit of primary school students in Honiara that have basic resources and supplies. Year 5 have identified key areas of need that we can assist with, and we will be working hard during Semester 2 to achieve the goals we have set. We look forward to a long association and connection with new friends in the Solomon Islands.

If you can assist with connecting us with any high profile people that might be interested in signing a S.E.A.T or in any other way with this project, please contact Deborah Wightley (deborah.wightley@hillsgrammar.nsw.edu.au).

Deborah Wightley | Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator K-6/Centre for Innovation and Creativity Co-ordinator
Ms Samantha Cordwell | Head of Curriculum K-6/PYP Co-ordinator