On Wednesday 31 May Year 2 visited the Muru-Mittigar Cultural Centre in Rouse Hill. We felt very lucky that we were so close to such a special place of Belonging. Upon arrival we met our enthusiastic Aboriginal guides who led us their brand new facilities. ‘JB’ taught us all about the meaning behind Aboriginal artworks. We learned about how a painting shows what tribe an Aboriginal person belongs to. We were extremely excited to have a go at telling our own unique stories on the canvas. Josh taught us how to throw a boomerang. He was great! We all had a turn and realised quickly how much skill was needed to trap dinner. Our guides spoke to us in depth about the bush and everything it provides. We were fascinated to learn how amazing our native plants are. After lunch and a run around on the grass we all sat down to listen the guides tell us about how they ‘Belong’ to the land. They even played the didgeridoo for us.

It was a great day and we all learned so much about Aboriginal culture.

Katey Mills | Year 2 Teacher