During Term 2, the children in Room 4 have been exploring many aspects of Literacy.  Everyone has been bringing in their favourite stories to share with their peers and has enjoyed speaking in front of the group about their books. The children and educators have loved sharing some familiar stories such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and also reading some new books like The Book with No Pictures, which was definitely a group favourite.

Room 4 children have been so enthusiastic to discuss their favourite books and to write and illustrate their own stories. Some children have even been writing letters to one another! ECEC staff are constantly inspired by the children's persistence and attention to detail. They are all working so hard. Many children would like to be able to spell the words they write, and so staff have helped them to brainstorm regular words and these will now be displayed in our writing centre for the children to use each day.

During this exploration of Literacy, the children have also discovered that there are many different ways to express ideas and to make meaning. This has led the children to engage in many fun and exciting experiences including dress ups, acting, dancing, painting and building. Everyone is learning so much and is having a lot of fun along the way. We look forward to continuing our journey of Literacy learning as the year continues.