This term, Year 8 Latin prepared and performed two short plays as part of their learning program. One play is a courtroom drama, in which a Roman merchant takes a Greek merchant to court in order to recover a large sum of unpaid money. The other involves a day at the theatre for the citizens of Pompeii: Poppaea, a slave-girl is desperately trying to get everyone out of the house and to the theatre before her boyfriend, a cook from a neighbouring house, comes to visit. Each student had lines to learn and speak in Latin. One class constructed Greek tragic and comic masks and all wore togas for the performances. Students were marked on their pronunciation, on-stage presentation and the authenticity of their voice, costumes and actions. One class performed in the Greek theatre while the other used the shared learning space in the centre of the Languages Building due to the inclement weather. Next semester Year 8 Latin will perform after-dinner stories from Greek and Roman mythology.

The Year 8 Classics Camp takes place September 8 to 10. Students and parents will receive details early next term.

Neil Peters | Latin Teacher

Image captions: Year 8 Latin Honours cast dressed for their performances, Cleo Christie-David Renae Muscat Arya Shah in basilica, Jessica Bailey Angela Eom and Anika Watney performing Poppaea in the Greek theatre, Jessica Bailey as the beautiful Poppaea, Sichen Xie is iudex in basilica, Year 8 Latin rehearsing in the Greek theatre