Our Year 3-6 boys and girls finally got to take part in their rugby competition that had been postponed since Term 1. Thankfully the training that had been done earlier in the year hadn't been forgotten and the teams all played some great running rugby. 

This gala day for the seven Year 3 students who I had the pleasure of coaching, was one which saw their teamwork vastly improve as they learnt the idiosyncrasies of 7s Rugby and consistently displayed their talents and perseverance.

Our forward team, comprised of Jack Groves, Jack Nielsen and Harrison Reeves, displayed great tenacity in both offence and defence. Harrison stood out for his tackling, never failing to bring down their biggest and fastest players in key moments. Meanwhile, Jack Groves displayed an amazing hunger for possession of the ball that led to his outstanding performance in both defensive rucks and with the ball in hand. Finally, Jack Nielsen shone in our offensive rucks, consistently cleaning out opposition players who threatened his team's possession. 

Our backs also displayed immense skill in attack and defence. Lachlan and Ben Jones, the team's playmakers, displayed great vision in their running as they worked together, making some key plays when it mattered most. Chase Appleroth gave an admirable performance, showing the quality of his running and passing whilst working well with the Jones brothers, pulling off a number of very memorable steps throughout the day. 

Our final player, who I believe deserves commendation for his courage, was Oliver Boyd. Oliver bravely stepped onto the field to play rugby for the first time, with a team who plays together in Club Rugby on the weekends. As a newcomer to the sport and the team, Oliver displayed an amazing enthusiasm for the game, and some of the dive tackles that he performed made it easy to forget his lack of experience.

I thank the boys for their efforts today, and commend them for their conduct and tenacity in all our games. I encourage these talented young players to continue to play rugby, and can only hope that they had as much fun today as I did.

Stephen Hancock | Coach, Class of 2016

Year 3 Team: Lachlan Jones, Ben Jones, Jack Groves, Jack Nielsen, Harrison Reeves, Oliver Boyd, Chase Appleroth.

Our Year 4 boys, being just a little bit bigger and stronger were able to show some quality rugby, winning three of their four games. With Josh Callus and Jaiden Farmilo always worrying the defence it allowed for the little guys like Koby Leach to finish off with some great tries. Thanks to Mr Sidaros who coached the team on the day.

Year 4 Team: Aiden Macdonald, Jai Sidaros, Josh Callus, Max Wightley, Jaiden Farmilo, Koby Leach, Miller Turton.

Our Year 5 and 6 team played some great rugby across the day; two wins, a draw and a narrow loss to Redfield demonstrated that our team was very competitive. Some extra training over the last two weeks certainly had the team ready for what was a successful day. Well done to Mr Price who coached the team.

Year 5 and 6 Team: Brandon Jacobs, Preston King, James O'Neil, Alex Karetsian, Isabel Aldridge, Rory Wilson, Dion Malishev, Oliver John, Jackson Wales and Thomas Hanzis.