The personalised learning approach taken to subject selection and guidance at Hills Grammar emphasises maximising individual ATAR potential over the drive towards an overall school ‘Top 100’ ranking. The Sydney Morning Herald Top 100 is determined by the number of Band 6 results divided by the number of HSC results, expressed as a percentage. If we focus too much on this, we might inadvertently discourage students from attempting harder HSC courses where they may not get above 90 percent, but they do gain a real benefit in their ATAR. Keeping this in mind, while the School was well placed in the Top 100 in 2014 and 2016 and this is a great achievement, even more telling is the improvement in the median ATAR over the three years, moving from 73.1 in 2014, to 75.65 in 2015, to 81.3 in 2016. We have seen a corresponding increasing percentage of students doing more than the minimal 10 units required by NESA, as well as a steady increase in the percentage of students taking extension courses. This is a sign of intellectual ambition that has paid off where it counts, in improving ATARs. 

Geoff Gates | Director of Academic Programs Pre K to 12