On Friday 2 June Kindergarten ventured to Muogamarra Nature Reserve on the outskirts of Sydney to explore and learn about some aspects of Aboriginal culture. We were greeted by our two teachers for the day and were delighted to learn that for Friday only, the bush was our classroom. We started the day with a food tasting, where Kindergarten were given the opportunity to taste some foods that Aboriginal people source from the bush. This included Lilly Pilly jam, Lemon Myrtle powder, bush tomatoes and kangaroo prosciutto. Native jams proved to be very popular and we were delighted at the children’s sense of adventure when it came to tasting these foods. We followed this with a walk through the beautiful and at times challenging terrain and were treated with spectacular views, peaceful bushland and Aboriginal rock carvings. The children had a fabulous and engaging day and needless to say, quite a few had a little nap on the bus on our return trip to school.

Virginia Gahan | Kindergarten Teacher