On Wednesday, 31 May, two Year 6 students attended a workshop at Sydney Grammar, St Ives Preparatory School as part of our membership of the Northside Gifted and Talented Network. The ‘Blast-Off’ workshop involved students in the concepts of rocketry. During the day, our students were immersed in using the scientific method to identify the variables that impact upon the flight of air-powered rockets. They had the opportunity to modify their rocket design, track and record their flight data and customise their own rockets to take home.  Below is a reflection on the day from our students.

Deborah Wightley | Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator K-6

It was highly entertaining making rockets and learning Isaac Newton’s three laws that played a big part in our rocket building process. We made rockets from cardboard, empty 2L soft drink bottles and of course, launching them across the oval. On one occasion when launching a cardboard rocket, my rocket reached a massive 47 metres across Sydney Grammar’s oval. However, it was not all competition; we made some friends and improved our co-operation and teamwork skills with other people. Nevertheless, when you think of launching a rocket we did it in the most hilarious and entertaining way, launching it with bicycle pumps to build up the PSI and to release it from the mechanisms. Our instructor was inspiring and helped us in through many situations. This will definitely be a day to remember. We also were able to keep our experiment and to launch at home and conduct our own experiments.

Scotty Elliott and Zachary Simpson | Year 6 Students