Your kids are invited to...Spok's Party!

It’s going to be one big party these school holidays with a celebration that has been planned for your kids by our friend Spok, all inspired by his most favourite things to do and see.
Some of the feature party days coming up include:

Build and take home your own Planetarium. Get ready for Planetarium FUN as we get out-of-this-world creative! Build, design and decorate what your solar system will look like. And of course, every solar system needs a story - create your own to share.

Introduction to Coding. Pop on your code creation caps, it’s programming time in a highly interactive and fun workshop. In groups, we’ll learn about the fundamentals of coding with 4 separate stations including: algorithms, programming, functions & variables and an experience with Ozobots (advanced robotics packed in a cubic inch)!

Build and take home a Terrarium. You’ll give two (green) thumbs up today because we are building our own indoor garden to take home and watch bloom in our own room! We’ll learn about plant life-cycles and the environment and then create our own piece of green. 

At the Movies. We’re off to the movies to see the latest kid’s films. Check out the program to see what movie we are going to see!

To find out what other awesome activities are coming up at a school near you these holidays and to register and book visit the Camp Australia website.