On Wednesday 7 June the Senior Drama Ensemble will present The Blue Rabbit. It’s really a play for younger kids but the students have adapted it so it contains lots of nice moments of humour and satire. The plot revolves around a tribe of red rabbits who are shocked and surprised when a blue rabbit turns up.
The play is about 30 minutes long and will be followed by a Theatre Sports demonstration from the co-curriculum Theatre Sports group as they play against a teachers team. The performances start at 6.30pm in the BBT. Tickets for the show will $5.00
In Week 8, another cast from the Senior Drama Ensemble will present Midsummer Night’s Dream. This play has been directed by Ms Annalisa Dobson and will be played out across three different venues starting in the Junior School Amphitheatre and finishing at the Blue Box. Two performances will be open to the public - there will be a 4pm Matinee on Tuesday 13 June, and an evening show at 6pm on Wednesday 14 June. The evening show will also be catered with a different course offered at each venue. Tickets for the 4pm matinee will be free, tickets for the evening show will be $10.00.
Please email if you would like to reserve seats to either production. 
Stephen Clark | Head of Drama