This week Council held its AGM and Council meeting, the result of which are changes to Council membership.

Des Hoens and Conrad Ramakers have both retired from Council. Des has been a Councillor since May 1999 and over the last 18 years has seen significant development of the school. While Des was ineligible to stand for re-election as a result of Council’s recently introduced tenure limits, he will continue an active association with the School in various non-Council roles including as a mentor in the school’s successful Year 10 Australian Business Week program and you’ll see him continuing to support campus landscaping works. Conrad has been a Councillor for two years and is retiring from Council to spend more time at his Architectural practice and with his family. We hope to be able to continue to benefit from Conrad’s professional experience and expertise as we implement the Campus Masterplan. Council sincerely thanks Des and Conrad for their selfless service to the school and wishes them both well for the future.

The School’s current Councillors are:

Awais Ahmad – appointed April 2013, alumnus

Lisa Ainsworth – appointed October 2014, current parent

Leonie Coombes – appointed September 2011, past parent

Charles Denes – appointed October 2010, past parent

John Glover – appointed July 2011, past parent

Gary Honan – appointed March 2017, current parent

Craig Tegel – appointed November 2014, past parent

Stephen Weller – appointed July 2014, current parent

Gillian Wilson – appointed March 2017, former Hills Grammar teacher

The bios of all Councillors are on the School’s website.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from people wishing to join Council and we’ll be assessing those for appointment later this year.

Each May Council elects four Office Bearers as required by the school’s Constitution and for the next year they are:

Chair of Council – Charles Denes (continuing)

Deputy Chair of Council – Craig Tegel (continuing)

Honorary Treasurer – Gillian Wilson

Council Secretary – Lisa Ainsworth (continuing)

As always, I welcome your feedback and questions and you can get in touch with me here.

Charles Denes | Chair, School Council

Image caption: Image 1: Row 1 - Awais Ahmad, Lisa Ainsworth, Leonie Coombes, Charles Denes, John Glover | Row 2 - Gary Honan, Craig Tegel, Stephen Weller, Gillian Wilson

Image 2: Charles Denes farewells outgoing Council members Conrad Ramakers and Des Hoens