The final Japan Tour information meeting for parents and participants was held in the Languages building open learning area last week. Over 100 people attended the final Japan Tour information session in the Languages Building open learning area last week. There were mixed emotions: a little bit of healthy nervousness from parents, whose children are about to embark on a big adventure and much excitement from the students themselves, who have uploaded a countdown on their phones. Preparation sessions are continuing at lunchtimes. These are now being run by nine of the senior students, who are participating in a Japan Tour for the second time. This is a wonderful leadership opportunity for them (under the watchful eyes of their teachers), as they present the necessary information and add their own helpful tips which they learnt on the previous tour in 2015. Thank you to Matthew Perriman, William Sampson, Claire Shi and Luke Kupka for their efforts so far. 29 days to go!!

Belinda Gerometta | Head of Languages