HICES Cross Country

On Tuesday we sent a strong team of 45 runners to the HICES Cross Country Carnival in Bowral. Students have been training for a number of weeks under the guidance of team manager Ben Donaldson. All of our students represented the school with great enthusiasm and it was pleasing to see a number of top ten finishers across the day. Those students who finished in the top ten are now eligible to represent HICES at the CIS cross country on June 15.

Overall the team performed extremely well accumulating enough points to finish second in Division 2. Congratulations to all runners.

Top ten finishers who have qualified for CIS:

8/9 Years Girls

Charlotte Symons - 9th        
Caitlyn  Russell - 10th

11 Years Girls

Maka Mbakada - 9th        

8/9 Years Boys

Anthony Saadie - 4th
Benjamin Jones - 7th

11 Years Boys

James O'Neil - 7th

12 Years Boys

Rory Wilson - 5th
Murphy De Castro - 8th

Basketball Presentation

Congratulations to all players, coaches and managers for their efforts over the 2016/17 basketball season. Last Monday the club held its presentation evening which was very well attended. Players received certificates of participation for their involvement in their respective teams, whilst each team had a Most Valuable Player and Coaches Award presented. Please see below the full list of award winners.

Team  |  Most Valuable Player MVP  |  Coaches Award

U10 MIXED HILLS GRAMMAR KNIGHTS  |  Saul Mamachan  |   Marcus Wang

U13 BOYS HILLS GRAMMAR HAWKS  |  Ethan Hare |   Ethan Lee

U14 BOYS HILLS GRAMMAR MAVERICKS  |  Joshua Hill  |  Murphy De Castro

U16 BOYS HILLS GRAMMAR WARRIORS  |  Zavier Loo  |  Teague Lilley

U16 BOYS HILLS GRAMMAR HEAT |   Benjamin Walker  |  Mitchell Bennett

U16 BOYS HILLS GRAMMAR HUSKIES |   Jess Johnston  |  Michael Sherry

U17 BOYS HILLS GRAMMAR TITANS  |  Wesley Li  |  Bryan Zhang

U18 BOYS HILLS GRAMMAR KINGS |   Brett Murray  |  Ayden Osmani

U18 BOYS HILLS GRAMMAR CHAMPS  |  William Bricknell  |  Alexander Rosic

U22 MENS HILLS GRAMMAR SQUAD  |  Patrick Tyrrell  |  Nicolas Karetsian  

U11 GIRLS HILLS GRAMMAR ANGELS  |  Mia Roseworne  |  Gemma Stanbury

U11 GIRLS HILLS GRAMMAR HOOPFULS  |  Mikayla Mitchell  |  Nicola Uhlmann

U14 GIRLS HILLS GRAMMAR WILDCATS  |  Kayla Davis  |  Bailey Leach

U16 GIRLS HILLS GRAMMAR THUNDER  |  Jessica Tester and Laura Murray  |  Shannen Tan