Year 11 Biology Excursion to Penrith Lakes Education Centre

Year 11 Biology students visited a freshwater aquatic ecosystem at Penrith Lakes on 1 May. They had the opportunity to carry out a first-hand investigation to measure and collect data. Students engaged in hands on activities including bird observations, dip netting, carrying out transects and water testing.

It was a great day enjoyed by all.   

Year 12 Chemistry Excursion to Sydney Water

On 11 May Year 12 Chemistry students went to Sydney Water at Orchard Hills. Under tight security, they were taken on a tour of the site. This excursion was directly related to the topic on Chemical Monitoring and Management, which they are studying at present. They investigated the process of treating water to provide clean drinking water. This was followed by a tour of the recycling water plant at St Mary’s, where they participated in a practical investigation for the identification of the source of a hypothetical water sample. Overall, it was a full day of learning; both students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Year 12 Biology Excursion to Sydney University

The Year 12 Biology students visited Sydney University in their quest for knowledge. The students participated in the Biology Kickstart program run by the School of Biological Sciences. The program covered modern genetic techniques used in hospitals and laboratories to identify hereditary diseases. Using these techniques, the students performed ‘DNA fingerprinting’ to identify the mutations associated with Huntington’s Disease. Students investigated issues related to the genetic counselling of individuals with familial disorders, including ethical considerations and testing options.

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