Science Club Drop In

Year 7 to Year 10

3:30 to 4:15pm.

Week 6 Mr Sutton will be available to answer any questions.

Year 12

Year 12 Chemistry Friday 8am

Year 12 Physics Tuesday A 3:30pm and Thursday B 8am

Year 12 Biology Wednesday 3:30pm

The Gifted and Talented Discovery Program at The University of Sydney

Each year our Year 9 Science students are encouraged to participate in this program. This lets them to gain entry into the program the following year when they are in Year 10. It allows students to enjoy additional challenges and stimulation in the areas of biology, chemistry and physics in a three-day workshop that is held at the University in July. They also have the opportunity to engage with University teaching staff and current researchers and make friends with students who have a mutual interest in science.

To be eligible for participation in the July workshop, students must first sit an entrance examination. The examination aims to test their ability in the areas of biology, chemistry, physics and general processes. If the result is in the top 10-15% of the cohort, they are invited to participate in the program. This year eight of our students have been offered a place in the program. They are: Ethan Redman, Felicity Chan, James Douchkov, Luke Kupka, Farhhan Shafi, Mark Hampson, Bryan Zhang and Kean Zhou.

Senior Science Club

The Science Club looked at the design and engineering process involved in making a calorimeter and using a data logger. Mark Hampson, a Year 10 student, designed and constructed a calorimeter for his Science Research Project and demonstrated his project. The students then used the traditional data logger and colorimeter as well as Mark’s to compare the efficiency of each and to determine the energy content of a breakfast biscuit. They had to collect and analyse the data using the appropriate physics and chemistry principles.

The Science Faculty