The 2017 Creative Arts Carnival provides an opportunity for a range of creative pursuits in the following categories for students in Years 7-12:
-        Visual Arts and Digital Media (Artworks, Photography. Animation/Video)
-        Sugar & Industrial Arts (Cake Decorating, Wood/Metalwork)
-        Public Speaking (Years 7-9, Years 10-12)
-        Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Drama)
The Carnival be held on Tuesday 13 June in the MPH with Heats to be held on Tuesday 30 May (Years 7-9) and Tuesday 6/Thursday 8 June (Years 10-12). Registration for entries is currently open. Students should complete a registration form and submit to the music office by Monday 15 May. For further information about the 2017 CAC, please contact the Music Department
Owen Nelson | Head of Music